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November 21, 2019

NAI Elliott's Master Insurance Program

For the past several years, NAI Elliott has offered our clients the opportunity to join together under our Master Insurance Program.  By combining multiple properties under one blanket policy, individual owners can benefit from a stronger buying position.  Our Master Insurance Program brings the best insurers in the industry vying for our business and provides the most competitive coverages and premiums available in our market. 
We have been fortunate over the last few years to keep annual premiums within a three to four percent variance year over year, but our brokers advise that rate increases will be greater for the coming year.  This recent article from Business Insurance succinctly summarized the anticipated increase in property insurance rates.

If you are currently participating in NAI Elliott’s Master Insurance Program, rest assured we are working with our insurance broker Brown & Brown Northwest to shop the market and obtain the best rates and coverages possible.  If you are not participating in our Master Program, we recommend contacting your insurance agent to discuss how the current insurance market will affect your policy premiums.  If you would like information on how your property can participate in NAI Elliott’s Master Insurance Program, please contact Leanne Menashe at or 503-972-7196.