August 28, 2023

Unlocking the power of opportunity at NAI Elliott

Over the past month, Eddie Park has been working closely with Associate Ashton Summers as an intern for the brokerage team at NAI Elliott. 

Eddie has been eager to learn the many aspects of a full-service commercial real estate firm, making his experience positive and impactful. He has also shown great dedication to furthering his career and education goals while exploring the industry's nuances. His commitment to growing his expertise and knowledge makes him a valuable addition to the team.

Speaking to the collaboration between the two, Ashton Summer explains, “I have never seen someone at Edward’s age with as much focus and determination as he has. This man has a very bright future ahead of him.” Ashton also noted he consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic and is highly attentive to detail. Moreover, not only is he open-minded and adaptable, but he also possesses critical thinking skills and is an efficient problem solver. With these qualities, it's no surprise that he has a very bright future ahead of him.

Eddie also weighed in on his intern experience so far. "Looking towards the future, I want to utilize this experience to leverage myself towards new internship experiences and job offers to continue my path in the commercial real estate industry. When the time comes, I envision myself crossing paths with NAI Elliott once more, but this time, as a well-seasoned client ready to grow his portfolio."

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