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Then know this: we’re uncommon. Why? It’s the unique combination of elements we deliver. We offer world-class capabilities and genuinely personal service. We have the experience, skills and resources to handle every aspect of commercial real estate. And the way we do business has been the same since Day One in 1982: We treat every client like they’re our one and only.

NAI Elliott has thrived and grown by excelling as advisors, brokers and managers. That hands-on experience, combined with our collaborative approach, truly distinguishes us. And while we achieve our clients’ goals exceedingly well, equally important is how we do it. Our business has always been based on authentic relationships, not just transactions. We work with our clients as true partners, because ultimately our success is measured by theirs. 

We’re also a partner in the largest, most powerful worldwide network of owner-operated commercial real estate firms. Our NAI Global affiliation provides access to more than 375 locally owned offices—an expansive network of like-minded real estate professionals with intimate knowledge of markets across the country and the globe. And we excel within this collaborative structure—enough to have been named NAI’s Global’s Office of the Year in 2018.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a broad client base, including multigenerational and other family businesses, investors with a range of portfolio size and diversity, and funds and trusts that need local management and brokerage.

You can find more specifics on the Our Promise page, including the three pillars of our business. But the gist is that we’re a family-owned business, and our values reflect that. We share strong principles of honesty and integrity, we’re fundamentally collaborative, and while we all care deeply about client success and profit, we also want fulfillment and pride in what we do.

As a full-service company, we cover every facet of commercial real estate. We help clients buy, sell, manage and optimize properties. That includes everything from guiding strategy for complex investment organizations to making sure the garbage is picked up at hundreds of businesses. Our collective team brings deep experience across every kind of property, transaction and investment goal.

Elliott Associates was formed in 1982 by Lou and Moe Elliott. In 2016 we renamed as NAI Elliott upon joining the NAI Global network. We’re a multi-generational business, with Lou as CEO and his son Jordan serving as President.

NAI Global is the single largest, most powerful worldwide network of owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage and property management firms. Members share knowledge, resources and connections, as well as collaborating on deals and projects. Being part of NAI Global means we can work closely with local experts in virtually any market.

There are multiple factors, starting with our roots as a family-owned business. For us, business isn’t about transactions; it’s about relationships. We work with our clients focused on the long term, looking beyond the project immediately in front of us. That said, we aim for success at every point, and we have a team that collectively brings a level of expertise and experience unmatched in the Portland area. And our truly collaborative approach means all that knowledge and skill is available to help every client.

Yes, we do; we have brokers who excel at scouring the market to find the best space for a tenant, and they can help with every imaginable detail of the leasing process.

Yes, we do this as well. We have decades of experience positioning leasable space in the market and finding ideal tenants. And again, we can provide guidance and handle details at every step.

Yes, we handle both acquisitions and dispositions. We have extensive experience working with some of the largest companies, trusts and funds in the Northwest in managing their portfolios, including brokering sales and purchases of all sizes.

Our employees use the word “team” an awful lot in their day-to-day job conversations, because that’s how we function. In an industry full of independent minds and approaches, we value the advantages of genuine collaboration and shared resources. We have such a broad variety of backgrounds and expertise that we joke that any answer needed is only a desk or two away. We freely share knowledge and connections, and we come together as needed for each client and project. We also emphasize a mentoring environment; the people who have been here the longest are the most involved in teaching their peers what they’ve learned. And we’re serious when we say work/life balance is important; we don’t just encourage it, we facilitate it.

The baseline attributes are straightforward: professional, energetic, eager to learn, dedicated, passionate, team player. Two things all our successful team members share are a love of what they’re doing, and a spirit of collaboration. If you don’t enjoy your job, you shouldn’t be here. And we’re a family business, on multiple levels; we play nice with each other. Probably the best measure though is that we’ve been named one of the 100 Best Companies in Portland to Work For, multiple times, including the last three years in a row. These rankings are based on employee nominations and feedback.

Our brokers are independent contractors, and they find great benefit in the support resources we offer them, our collaborative culture and generous financial terms.

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