August 18, 2021

GlobeSt. Women of Influence 2021 Mentor: Julie Fuhrman

Julie Fuhrman is our go-to mentor at NAI Elliott. Shortly after joining our firm with over 20 years of commercial real estate experience, Julie quickly elevated to Real Estate Manager. After two years leading a management team, Julie was called upon to take over the company’s largest management account and coordinate a floundering team, NAI Elliott’s largest. Based on constant training, strategic delegation, and ongoing mentoring, Julie positioned her Assistant Real Estate Manager to assume her former portfolio, a promotion that rarely occurs in our company. Upon taking on her new client and large team, Julie went to work establishing trust, determining roles and responsibilities, and instituting communication protocols that quickly aligned everyone to work towards client goals. Upon completion of a two year stint with our largest client, we asked Julie to transition to our longest-held and second largest client, succeeding a very successful manager who was off to retirement. Not only did Julie transition seamlessly, taking advantage of overlap with the outgoing manager and integrating quickly with the team, she again established herself as the best option for mentorship and we are in the midst of introducing her to a new hire who has the potential to be our next AREM to REM promotion.

Over the past year, Julie offered her knowledge and perspective to other REM and AREM’s in the company. She encouraged others to approach tenants and clients with a holistic approach, considering what the owner’s needs and wants are while also supporting the tenant. Julie continued to successfully mentor others using a method she has developed over the years. Her approach starts by discussing goals, filling in the gaps in knowledge and focusing on over communication to funnel information to them so they can see the whole picture and where they fit in.

This year Julie has been recognized by GlobeSt. magazine in the Mentor category as a Women of Influence in commercial real estate. To congratulate her, we wanted to share the ways that Julie has an impact on the professional growth of so many of us at NAI Elliott. 

Jolene Edwards, Assistant Real Estate Manager, greatly benefitted from Julie’s mentorship when she was starting out. Julie jumped in when Jolene was still familiarizing herself with commercial real estate and helped her to learn the ropes. The mentorship Jolene received directly affected the success she has had in real estate management. Julie’s knowledge, experience and advice were invaluable.

Ash Mitchell, NAI Elliott Chief of Staff, sees Julie continually carve out time to help people grow and learn no matter how busy she is. This rare trait is one of Ash’s favorite things about working with her.

Mike Larkin has worked with Julie for years now. He has seen numerous people rise through the ranks as a result of Julie’s mentorship. In addition, other staff has gleaned amazing knowledge and grown their skill sets as a direct result of working with Julie.

When he first joined NAI Elliott, Rawley Winstead, Real Estate Manager, worked with Julie for over a year. He greatly benefitted from her mentorship and sees her as an incredible person with a great deal of experience in the industry. Often used as a weapon that can calm the storm in many different areas, Julie has moved around to several different portfolios in the company.

One of our company’s core values is to grow our people. Jordan Elliott, President, sees Julie as one of the absolute best mentors in our company. This national recognition from GlobeSt. is a fitting tribute to all the work she’s done in commercial real estate.

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