November 18, 2021

NAI Elliott brokers: Embracing new perspectives, innovation and inclusion

As our brokerage department continues to grow in many ways, we continue to embrace different viewpoints and lived experiences because we believe those differences will make us all better.

Sara Daley is a seasoned commercial real estate broker, but she always felt a little out of place among her peers. As a child of hippies raised in Vermont and a feminist, she has never quite exuded that polished broker image.

When she started talking to NAI Elliott, she finally found a brokerage that not only tolerated her differences but embraced them. Starting with our leadership and all the way through our brokerage, management and accounting departments, there is an understanding that different perspectives, lived experiences and viewpoints have value. And together, those experiences make us stronger resources for our clients.

Over time, Sara has become more involved in social equity in commercial real estate and she believes that NAI Elliott is the best place to continue that work. In the future Sara plans to continue to bring more people into the industry and learning from them and their experiences.

Whether she’s connecting with her co-workers virtually or in-person, Sara has a feeling of family, inclusion and a collective belief that we’re all coming together to do innovative interesting things that, new perspectives will make better.

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