July 22, 2021

Communication with our clients: Reaching out and staying in touch

Building solid long-lasting relationships starts with good communication. NAI Elliott brokers George Macoubray and Nick Stanton share how they stay in touch with landlords and clients throughout a transaction and beyond.

Whether a real estate broker is bringing their clients an offer or there hasn’t been any activity at a property, consistent communication is important. NAI Elliott brokers stay connected to their clients regardless of what is going on with a property. Regularly sharing what they’re doing to lease out the space, either by picking up the phone or shooting a client an email, gives the landlord peace of mind. Consistent conversations also give brokers a chance to explain what’s going on in the commercial real estate market and, if the space is still available, a chance to suggest changes to the building or space that might make it more desirable to a tenant.

While there is never a guarantee that a property is going to get leased within a certain time frame, a real estate broker should be able to tell their client within 30, 60 or 90 days why it will get leased or what adjustments could be made to get it leased. At NAI Elliott, our brokers enjoy building relationships with landlords by keeping the lines of communications open. Meeting face-to-face and building personal relationships also keeps them in touch with clients beyond the real estate transaction.

And while setting expectations is very important, brokers should also follow through and do what they say they are going to. Prioritizing quick responses and always returning phone calls in addition to answering emails and promptly responding to sign calls. When our brokers have a sense of urgency around a landlord’s needs, they know that everything is being done to lease out the property and they feel good about the relationship.

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