June 24, 2022

Vision & values: there's strength in satisfaction

Visions & values: There's strength in satisfaction

There’s strength in satisfaction. We are people, simple as that – so employee health, family welfare and overall happiness are important concerns for us.

Our visions and values guide our day-to-day actions as a company. Portfolio Accountant Sommer Everett shares how this value provided the support she needed to overcome all the unexpected challenges the last couple years have presented.

For many parents, the pandemic presented a whole different set of difficulties as the country shifted to sheltering-in-place and remote work. As Sommer goes on to explain, she felt NAI Elliott really embraced this value, during a time when people needed it the most. That support led to a deeper sense of community amongst our teams as everyone came together to pull on the oars and keep the ship steady through the rough waters of the pandemic.

As a Portfolio Accountant, Sommer often pays forward the satisfaction she feels in her work by continuously working towards our company’s goal of delivering the best services to our tenants, vendors and clients.

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