March 3, 2022

Vision and values: Knowledge is common property

Knowledge is common property. Teaching and learning are part of our process fabric. And when we find out something new, which happens all the time, we share it, so all of us understand and can benefit.

Our vision and values guide our day-to-day actions as a company. Assistant Real Estate Manager Linda Bice shares how this value empowers her to provide the best service to building owners and tenants.

Linda sees the ways that NAI Elliott embraces this value in her day-to-day work. From conversations she has with co-workers to the intentional way that management looks to fill gaps in knowledge. For example, having commercial real estate brokers share more about their work at a recent staff meeting so that everyone can better understand how they work together toward common goals.

Every part of Linda’s job is about taking in information and making the best use of it to assist a building owner, tenant or vendor.

When Linda joined the real estate management division of NAI Elliott she immediately felt respected, valued and part of the team because of the flood of information available from each person she interacted with.

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