January 27, 2022

Vision & values: We work strategically

We work strategically. Success requires seeing the larger picture, so we apply a holistic approach to brokerage and management of assets. We think imaginatively about client scenarios and constantly build pathways to their improvement. Our analysis and forecasting capabilities are deep and dedicated. We are determined to achieve.

NAI Elliott’s vision and values guide our day-to-day actions as a company. Facilities Manager Julian Morales shares how this company value informs the way our Construction Management team approaches every project to provide the best solutions for our clients.

The construction management team has a deep-seated approach to providing the best solution to each problem. Everyone involved has an immense drive to provide the best service to our clients and it shows in their work. They aim to give the best solution to every problem and maximize on a good relationship with the building owner and tenant.

Construction management works together with NAI Elliott’s real estate management teams on projects where the property manager might not have the expertise and needs assistance. From a new roof to a burst sewer line, they assist on a wide variety of projects. Starting with an analysis of the data and identifying the root cause analysis, their through and thoughtful approach, helps them determine what the best solution is to solve the issue at hand.

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